Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Walking Dead will be walking again soon

By Nick Morley

Don, Roger, and Pete are going to be off Madison Avenue for a while, and Walt and Jesse won’t be cooking until next summer, so  what are AMC fans to do? October is approaching, which means cheap candy, a bitter chill in the air, and luckily for AMC fanatics, The Walking Dead.

The first season of The Walking Dead caught everyone by surprise. We expected the same old story, a zombie apocalypse, only a few survivors left for dead, blood, gore, brain eating etc… But what we actually got was a wide array of complex and broken characters as well as a very well developed plot.

The Walking Dead is much deeper than the stereotypical zombie movies where the undead simply try to feast on your brains. The show delves into actual human emotion, like when characters see family members turned into monsters that they often they have to kill.

For those who are new to The Walking Dead, I highly suggest watching the pilot first. It is a near perfect episode of television which leaves you disgusted, disturbed, and wanting more. If you thought or think that zombies aren’t exactly your favorite kind of drink, The Walking Dead will leave you pleasantly surprised.

The only real criticism I have about the walking dead is it's striking similarity to LOST. A big group of different people all centered around one goal, having to overcome their differences to achieve it. Of course in LOST,  they’re not often worried about watching their fellow comrade’s face be eaten off.

The Walking Dead is the only television show I’ve watched where I have made been legitimately worried about the characters, and have sat on the edge of my seat for over a half hour without realizing it. The make up and gore, are so well done, that it grosses you out in the best way possible and makes it difficult to distinguish the pretend from reality.

The show is made by AMC, and fans of Breaking Bad and Mad Men know that everything this network  touches is gold. The walking dead is no different. The acting is fantastic, the sets are perfect, and the story line leaves you wanting more and more. 

This October, fight the dead, and fear the living.

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  1. For those of you who get a little jumpy/anxious while watching violence and thrills, but are still major fans of incredibly well made television, I suggest knitting while watching. Takes the edge off. Just warn your spouse, lest they startle you into shoving a 7 gauge knitting needle through their eye socket in self defense.