Monday, September 10, 2012

Doctor UGH

By Erin Jackson

Prior to this season's premiere of Doctor Who, we were told two things:

1. Rory and Amy Pond will leave the series
2. There will be a new companion, whose name is Clara Oswin and will enter the series around the Christmas special

So imagine my surprise when in a mere 45 minutes, Oswin was introduced and practically killed off and we were so chock full of brackish Pond drama that I wanted to be rid of them as soon as possible.

Amy and Rory pond have been fun companions and Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Matt Smith have wonderful chemistry onscreen, probably since they were chums in real life before being cast together. And the storylines involving the Ponds' relationship have been lovely at times. But honestly? Enough already.

Amy's an edgy fashion model who is too busy smiling with her eyes to make Rory feel loved? Rory has always wanted kids but Amy can't have anymore because of… some River related thing? Seriously? These are ridiculous problems to give them as an excuse for their divorce, and then you have them reconcile in this episode. This serves no purpose, other than to make me want them to leave as soon as possible and lead me to google "rory williams death scene montage" to remember the good times.

Then, then you give us Oswin, who is like a breath of snaky, soufflé-scented fresh air only to turn her into a Dalek a few minutes later. A really cute, crazy-smart Dalek, but, still pretty terrifying and deadly. There are a number of ways in which this could play out (a River-like "spoilers!" timey wimey situation, her being called Clara in the press releases but not in the episode indicating there are multiple Oswins, maybe the Doctor will travel with a Dalek (OH PLEASE let that be the one)). But we will have to wait and see how and when this will be addressed and will have to wade through the Ponds' relationship issues for a good part of this season. I'm used to companions leaving in heartbreaking ways (I'm still not over what happened to Donna Noble and don't get me started on K-9; I know they're not dead, it doesn't make it any better), but never outstaying their welcome. This is new and bad and I don't want it.

Erin Floyd Jackson has been BFFs with TV since she was a wee one when she would play TV Network Executive. She went to school to learn about how and why TV is the way it is and hopes to someday tear someone's creative vision down and re-edit it to her liking. In the meantime, she and her husband live in Huntsville, Alabama and they occasionally "blog" here ( when they are not geeking out over all the SCIENCE! in the Rocket City.

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