Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coffee Break

By Megan Geilman

Jerry Seinfeld’s new webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee could also easily be titled “Jerry Seinfeld Loves His Life.” In a Q&A after his Salt Lake Show a couple years ago someone asked if he was going to be doing anything “new.” He hemmed and hawed and then finally said in a very Seinfeld way: “Errrm, no I don’t think so…I’m rich…really really rich.” He had a couple of kids and was looking to settle down and happily live out his life. So I have to wonder if he came up with this series on his own or was approached with an offer too enticing to refuse, but I don’t blame him for coming out of retirement for it.

Every episode is just Jerry Seinfeld, calling up one of his funny friends (which, luckily, are also OUR funny friends: Ricky Gervais, Brian Regan, etc.) and driving in a REALLY nice vintage car and getting a cup of coffee. The conversation is unscripted and chuckle-worthy (think yada yada yada meets hee hee hee). Nothing has left me crying-my-eyes-out/peeing-my-pants with laughter but it’s definitely not unfunny. Plus it’s fun feeling like you get a peek at these guys when they are off-stage and off TV/Movie Camera. At 15 minutes an episode, it’s definitely worth part of your lunch, snack, or coffee break.

The show is hosted on its own site:  and on Crackle ( )

Megan Geilman has had an on-again-off-again relationship with television since she was young and her parents occasionally let her stay up to watch Star Trek and X-Files. She lives in a small artsy borough just outside Philadelphia, PA with her husband and unborn child. She is in the painfully slow process of getting her interior design business off the ground, but also does graphic design, if you're into that. She blogs at and

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