Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do they see what I see?

It's a rare occasion when I completely disagree with the Project Runway judges. Thursday must have been a blue moon because I found it unbelievable that Elena's creation was a top contender:

A harnessed baby doll dress

While Gunnar's dress nearly sent him home:

The judges' ctiques were puzzling. Nina said, "you've done this very beautifully and it's very elegant, but I've seen this dress before. No such comment was made of Fabio's standard LBD, a garment we've all seen and worn many times.

Michael Kors said, "I think it looks like a dress that they carry at Lord and Taylor already." Remember the challenge was to create a dress that would fit in the Lord and Taylor collection. Michael's statement only affirms that Gunnar nailed it. Kors added, "It's kind of Mother of the Bride." As a bride, how would you feel if your mother wore a mid-thigh length, sheer topped dress? Yeah. Me too. 

Maybe Gunnar's dress wasn't the best. I think Christopher deserved to win with his lovely gown:

But Gunnar certainly did a better job than Alicia, who has met to make anything I've liked:

And is certainly a better person than Ven, the fat man who made a woman feel terrible about herself for not fitting into a model-sized belt:

Gunnar did not deserve to be the final man left on the stage, preparing himself to head to the workroom and pack up his stuff. 

Luckily the judges had enough sense to keep all the contestants one more week, saving Gunnar at the last minute, bless his heart. But I have to wonder, what poor judgments lie ahead? What are these people seeing that I'm not?


  1. Yeah was that crazy or what?? But then I frequently feel like what I see and think has NOTHING to do with what the judges are seeing and thinking--I think it must be two parts me being a thrift store shopping slouch and one part them being jaded industry crazyfaces.

  2. Seriously. I always wonder if I just don't get it, or if it's them being "jaded industry crazyfaces". I think it's the latter.

  3. I don't watch the show, but just from this post, I'm with you. I may have to tune in.