Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Chandler without Monica

By Jaclyn Hutchins

Dear Chandler-

I have missed you so much since Friends went off the air. Let’s be honest – you were the funny one…not just because you were called the “funny one” or because you used humor as a defense mechanism, but because you genuinely made me laugh the hardest. TV critics are saying your new show where you’ve assumed the new name of Ryan King is what would have happened if you had never married Monica. As much I loved the two of you together, I’m ready to watch you alone. So I’ll be tuning in Tuesdays at 9pm for “Go On” with fingers crossed and an impression of one of your classic dance moves prepared to celebrate what I hope is a new hit. 


Jaclyn Hutchins lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and teaches high school English. She is asked if her teacher knows where she is least once a month despite being perilously close to 30. Jaclyn’s latest rule for herself is that she cannot watch TV until she has completed her run for the day. She runs her first half-marathon in October.

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