Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Glee Project

By: Mayson Astle

After 10 excruciating weeks of underdog after underdog being kicked off Oxygen’s “The Glee Project,” it came down to our final three contestants, Ally, Aylin, and Blake. Ally, the pretty blonde in the wheelchair, Aylin, the rebellious Muslim, and the all-too-normal-for-Ryan Murphy stud Blake.  No doubt, any contender could have won “The Glee Project” and been an excellent addition to the show. In the end, thought, there can only be one winner.
When all-too-normal-for-Ryan-Murphy-girl, Shanna was kicked off a few weeks earlier, it finally hit me that Ryan Murphy has one goal: Make “Glee” the most controversial show on television while still remaining on the air.  He throws in some sing-song pop music to make the show digestible while constantly pushing the limits of what the television-watching public will accept, making each character a stereotype hyperbole and avoiding "normal" like the plague.
When it came down to The Glee Project Finale,  I suspected Blake, the heartthrob contestant who led the group each week and acted like a star, had no emotional heartstrings to pull of Ryan Murphy’s.  The only stereotype possibly applicable to Blake was the cliched handsome high school boy. I had no hope for him to win. He seemed too "normal" to join the cast of TV’s most controversial program.         

So imagine my surprise when Mr. Murphy named Blake the winner. I was both shocked and delighted. With the adorable Finn graduated, the only cute boys left on “Glee” are gay. I knew Blake was what “Glee” needed but I doubted Mr. Murphy would see it that way. I thought for sure we’d have 7 episodes of loud and annoying Aylin.  I was happy to be mistaken.

Thank you, Ryan Murphy, for reviving my faith in a fourth season. Thank you, Blake, for being the cliché that will hopefully make Glee less of a cliché. 

Mayson Astle is at Utah Valley University studying English Education. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was 8 years old. She enjoys running, board games, reading and TV watching. Her TV favorites are Grey's Anatomy, The Office and Modern Family. Check her out at

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  1. Very insightful review. It is odd that "normal" is odd today...