Friday, August 10, 2012

Drop dead, Diva

One time I was super hungry and short on time so I ran to a small Mexican restaurant next door and ordered a chicken burrito. It wasn't great, but it was edible and I was starving so I nomnomnomed it until I felt a crunch. There was a bone in my chicken burrito. And with that one crunchy bite the chicken burrito went from   mediocre to the worst thing I've ever eaten.

I had Drop Dead Diva playing while I was doing other things. It's not the kind of show that requires full attention and it's edible. Not great, but edible. Or it was until the Kramer Versus Kramer Chimp episode, or the bone in the chicken burrito that is this show. A recently divorced couple fighting over custody of their chimp, and though the mother is granted full custody, she has a change of heart and hands over Sunny (the ape), to her deserving husband. I was half expecting her to talk about painting clouds in the monkey's bedroom. It would be one thing if triple D was doing a parody of Kramer, but it was most definitely meant to be a heart-felt, touching story. About a chimp. All I could think about was the story of the chimp that tore a lady's face off. And about how many brain cells I had lost and could never get back.

Is any one else ready for fall television again? 

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