Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How many more weeks?

This week I learned that Bachelor Pad is way more fun to watch on mute. Instead of having to worry about the idiotic things that the contestants say and do, I could really focus on the idiotic things that they where. Like Tony's black leather vest over his fuscia blouse.


Sarah took scissors to a wedding gown and made this:

Say no to the dress.
Nick subtley let us know he works out.

Jersey Shore called, they don't want you.

And during the Rose Ceremony, while everyone else was dressed for the prom, Nick wore his dad's shirt and some JNCO jeans.

Gelled curls a la Justin.

Kalon wore lip gloss and shined his forehead

Of course he did.

But the week's biggest fashion disaster was poor Jaclyn.

A centimeter shorter and that skirt would get her arrested.

She solved the "My maxi skirt isn't showing enough skin" problem,


Then momentarily transformed into a zombie.

A cleavagey zombie.

And then she wore a pop can divider to the Rose Ceremony.
Maybe she's trying to save the sea turtles.

This week I also learned that the Bachelor Pad cinematography wishes he worked for National Geographic. In this single episode there were three cut away shots of birds

I bet he wishes he could fly away.

Be free like this majestic creature.

Or peck the contestants to death.

and a close up of a rose.


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