Monday, August 6, 2012

He's the one who knocks

As of last night I am completely caught up on Breaking Bad. It took two weeks. Meanwhile I'm still reading the same book I started five months ago. Me FTW.

Remember when Walter White was a protagonist?
At the end of the pilot episode I said, "Poor Walt."
At the end of  season 4 I said, "I hate Walt."
At the end of last night's episode I said, "I'm scared of Walt."
And if I had to guess, at the end of the series I'll probably say "I'm glad Walt is dead."
This dude has become the most sinister antagonist currently on air.

There's that Sunday School lesson about the frog in the cold water that slowly boils to death. Walt was absent that Sunday and sadly will never realize that the object lesson is his life except instead of water it's meth and millions of dollars. But the end is the same...Walt's toast.

Walt has to die. The show can't pull a Harry Potter and be all happy ending. It's not possible. So how will it be? A shoot out as the season premiere suggests? Doubt it. If there's one thing this show doesn't do, it's the expected. Will it be cancer? Possibly. My bet is suicide. Or is he too proud?

Your thoughts?


  1. Walt won't die. He will replace Gus and become a crime boss. Breaking Bad is the story of how a good guy becomes a kingpin (i.e. a badass). The show is constantly foreshadowing this transition.

  2. I would agree, but the show began with Walt learning he was going to die. Everything he originally did was in preparation for dying. I feel like it's inevitable.