Monday, January 28, 2013

King of the Nerds

By Allyson Hubner
I’ve never watched a reality TV show. Hold your applause, please –I also don’t own a TV or eat meat, so, yes, I sound like a super judgmental jerk. I promise I’m not, I don’t avoid reality shows out of a sense of purpose, more like a lack of interest.
Some people pretend they haven’t even heard of super popular TV shows, as though it makes them so much better than people who watch them. Then they pretend like they’re allergic to even talking about it “What’s a Bachelor Pad? I only watch David Lynch movies...” I just can’t get interested in the embarrassing moments that don’t feel scripted (American Idol), and the rest of the moments that do (all reality TV ever).
That said, I’m slightly interested in how TBS’s King of the Nerds treats their participants. Nerdiness is experiencing a sort of vogue (see this Portlandia PSA):
so it’s certainly a good time to capitalize on the trend. The participants have a wide range of interests and strengths – although all of them picked Tesla over Edison, so they obviously have some shared interests.
I’m interested to see how this shows treats these nerds. As long as it isn’t an embarrassing expose like the first few episodes of “American“Idol,” or like any episode of “The Bachelor,” I may just watch it.

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