Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You're gonna wife that?

By Meg Walter

Does she apply entire tubes of mascara at a time?

There are some  girls, some very confused and misguided girls,  who go on the Bachelor hoping to find a husband.

There are some slightly less confused but still misguided girls who go on  the Bachelor hoping for exposure to launch their acting/modeling/singing career.

And then there's Tierra.

Tierra wants to see her face on the cover of US Weekly. She wants to get the most screen time during The Girls Tell  All. She wants a proposal, a  four month engagement, a round of talk show interviews, a devastating televised break up, and then an invitation to participate in  Bachelor Pad. .

After the four (FOUR!) hours of Bachelor the past two days, it's become clear that Tierra is a freaking genius player.

Tierra knows it doesn't matter if the other girls like her. In fact,  it's better if they don't. They'll waste their precious one on one time tattling. She'll spend her one on one time crying on Sean's shoulder about how no one likes her because she's so pretty. He's not very smart. He believes her.

Tierra knows there are no rules. She can show up wherever Sean is whenever she likes. It could be a group date she wasn't invited to. It could be a hot tub with another bikini-ed woman. It could be Sean's closet or the trunk of his car. Who's going to stop her, Chris Harrison? No. No one is actually in charge.

Tierra knows that Sean wants to use his rippling muscles to hold and comfort her. She does her best to  suffer from  a concussion, a nervous breakdown and hypothermia. She's not very convincing but Sean gets to use his rippling muscles to hold and comfort her.

Even if Tierra doesn't win, she kind of already has. We're all talking about her in the same way we all talked about Vienna and Courtney (do you remember any one else's name from their season?). Do we like her? Of course not.  Does that matter? Of course not.

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