Monday, February 18, 2013

The Following

By Allyson Hubner

The Following joins a host of other shows like The KillingThe EventThe CloserThe Finder, as a TV that throws “the” in front of a word to make it sound super serious. I watched the pilot episode because I not-so-secretly want Kevin Bacon to do a cross over with Law & Order: SVU to complete my dream of tying every actor every to that show. I have a slight obsession connecting actors to SVU (see attached chart of SVU, Pushing Daisies, and Modern Family). One update to that picture is the new ADA in SVU was also the natural medicine salesman with a crush on Olive in Pushing daisies. 

The show focuses on Kevin Bacon’s character, an alcoholic ex-FBI agent who is called back to help when a serial killer he helped put in prison escapes.  There are the familiar law show roles – the admiring young rookie, the tough agent who doesn’t need Bacon’s help and the charming-yet-dangerous psychopath. 

Despite the unoriginal use of Edgar Allen Poe as inspiration to the serial killer, the pilot did surprise me once or twice.  Enough that I would tune in again, if only in hopes of that SVU crossover.

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