Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm not here to make friends

By Meg Walter


Before we dive into the Project Runway All Stars premiere, let's talk about season 10's finale. Spoiler alert, obviously, but if you haven't watched it by now, be honest with yourself- you probably never will.

Christopher fell apart. The footage we saw of  Christopher was a red-eyed, snarky little man pacing back and forth muttering "What  fits?! What fits?!" The gown he sent down  the runway was fabulous, but the rest of his collection was meh.

Melissa made clothes that I would  actually buy and wear, but I shop at Target and  Old Navy so that isn't saying much in terms of fashion credibility.

I was worried Fabio might win. I understand that his collection was the freshest and most forward thinking, but I found most of it crooked and confusing. Plus I hate it when designers give their collections ridiculously pretentious names like "Urban Tribalism" or whatever he called it. Puh-lease.

So it was a relief that Dimitry took it.  As the season's dark  house, he won very few challenges,  but produced consistently solid pieces,  culminating in his final collection which was perfectly polished, masterfully tailored, and deserving of the win.

As for the three runners-up, I'm confident we'll  see them again  on an All Stars season. Speaking of...

Last  night we met the  All Star designers who will keep our Thursday nights exciting for the next  few months. I  know  that  they bring back some of the most  talented designers, but they also seem to bring back  the feistiest contestants because what's Project Runway without some nasty bad-mouthing? Joshua, the biggest Diva in PR history, is sure to keep things pretty heated, and Wendy already stated,"I'm not here to make friends," which gave me delighted  chills.

Design wise, it's  already clear that the standard is high and there were some pieces, like Ivy's jacket, Casanova's dress, and Anthony Ryan's whole look that really blew me away. Of course there were some rough ensembles,  and Peach,with her wacky sleeves dress  deserved to get the boot.

I prefer the All Star judges, even though some of Georgina's  own designs in her collection are totally bonkers. Isaac is what Michael Kors should be, and  how great was it to  see Mondo  again? No one can replace Tim Gunn, ever, but Joanna Coles is  a solid mentor, doling out design advice that makes a lot of  sense.

We're for an exciting season, kids.  As far as predictions go, I think Suede is  gone next week, and I  thinkthat Anthony Ryan,  Ivy and Laura will go far. Your thoughts?

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