Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Call The Midwife

By Allyson Hamacher

If you’re like me and haven’t found a link to watch Downton Abbey Season 3 online (and if you have, PLEASE let me know) Call The Midwife may fill that melodramatic period piece sized whole in all our hearts.

Based on the memoirs of the same name by Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife is set in East End London during 1957. The show follows Jenny Lee and a group of nuns/midwives delivering the babies of underclass women. Although she has been trained as a nurse and midwife, the difficult living and birthing situations shock her. On her way to the private hospital, she sees a group watching two women physically fighting over a man. And one of the women is pregnant.

Among her midwives, the most noticeable actress is Pam Ferris, who played Trunchbull in Matilda. If you’re terrified by the thought of the woman who engineered the “Chokey” also delivering babies, don’t be; her character is no-nonsense and stoic, but the kind of levelheaded person you’d like to help you through labor.

Like Downton Abbey, the stylizing and costumes are beautiful. The story is interesting and believable enough to hold interest, and the suspense is balanced with enough unfortunate endings to make the drama feel believable. Mixed in, there’s also happiness and wonder that keep things from getting too heavy.

Until Downton Abbey is back online, or when you finish watching it online,try Call the Midwife (discs available through Netflix). At the very least it will make you grateful for more modern birthing methods.

Allyson Hamacher lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, Jon, her dog, and multiple projects in varying states of doneness. She is starting a Masters of Science program at Arizona State University, and looks unsettlingly smug in her student ID picture. She and Jon strongly disagree about whether the word "filthy" means "dirty" or "extra dirty."

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