Tuesday, July 31, 2012

personality for days, yo

Another week, another episode of Bachelor Pad, another reason to run away live off the grid where TV can never find me, forever.
Where do these people come from, and do they not realize that this show is televised? To the nation? To THEIR PARENTS?
The theme of these week is best demonstrated in a quote from one of the two twins, I don't know or care which one: "I would never had said that if I was sober." No one would be on Bachelor Pad if they were sober, sweetheart.
Second best quote came from Kalon,who said of women, "Shopping and gymnastics, what else do you have to do in your life?" So where Kalon live, women spend their days cartwheeling to and from the mall, all day every day. Sounds like Paradise.
Some stuff happened. Chris was gross, Donna wore only a bikini, Ed got drunk but thankfully remained clothed this week, Donna drew a creepy picture of Michael, Erica said "like" five thousand times, Chris grew exponentially more annoying, the twins left, there was much rejoicing over the twins' departure, Jaclyn said "yo" and professed her adoration of Ed the drunkard, and Rachel said "strategically wise", causing the gods of grammar to weep. A nice quiet guy who never had any camera time was sent home, and men in unitards performed rhythmic gymnastics.
Truly some of television's finest moments.

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