Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not as tasty as it sounds.

The Hulu donut*. You've finished streaming all available seasons of any given show on Netflix, and the earliest episode of the current season available on Hulu is episode 6. Unacceptable. It's a problem plaguing society,  and I personally am suffering. I can't very well go from the end of Pretty Little Liars season 2 to mid-season 3 now can I? Of course not.

I'm calling on the nations of the world to come together and put a much needed end to the Hulu donut, because how else will I ever know who the true A is? And if you say Wikipedia, you just don't get it.

*A term coined by an industry expert cough stephenwalter cough


  1. I can't tell you how much I sympathize with the Hulu Donut. Also, Pretty Little Liars is one of my guilty shows.

  2. I'm so glad we have that in common.