Monday, November 26, 2012


By Jaclyn Hutchins

I don’t know if I deserve a gold star or a smack on the forehead for watching the entire 19th cycle of America’s Next Top Model, but I did it either way. I watched this show more regularly than shows like Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Wife aka shows I’m not embarrassed to say I watch. And you know what- I enjoyed every minute of it.

I enjoyed the irony behind the “College Edition” theme and how many times Tyra referenced her recently earned Harvard degree (I’m very confused by this by the way.).

I enjoyed hating the super-pretty-super-bitch Kristin.

I enjoyed the “staring at a car crash” feeling I got when watching Victoria talk about her relationship with her mother.


And of course, I enjoyed the makeovers, the fantastic photo shoots, and watching the judges evaluate the girls’ photos.

It didn’t even really matter who won, and next time I’m sick, I really hope Oxygen or Lifetime is having one of their Top Model marathons. I just can’t help myself.

Jaclyn Hutchins lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and teaches high school English. She is asked if her teacher knows where she is least once a month despite being perilously close to 30. Jaclyn’s latest rule for herself is that she cannot watch TV until she has completed her run for the day. She runs her first half-marathon in October.

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